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UCS elementary school communities shows their generous heart
UCS elementary school communities shows their generous heart
Posted on 12/17/2021
Staff with donated materialsRoberts Elementary and other local UCS schools opened their generous heart recently to help warm their new families who may be in need this season. 

The school sponsored a collection drive for warm clothing and opened its doors for two evening for families to pick up warm sweaters and coats.

“There are no words that can describe the beautiful gesture that many members of the school district have made for all those families,” said Roberts EL Community Liaison Joelle Karam-Doyle 

Karam-Doyle said she got the idea on reflecting on how new families to the community and country can feel disconnected. 

The main goal of generous hearts is to benefit low-income people or families who have needs, especially those families who recently arrived in this wonderful country searching for a better future for themselves and their families,” she said.  “I am an immigrant and know what it's like to leave your comfort zone and move to an unknown place.  So I wanted to create something that could warm their hearts and let them know that they are not alone. 

She said once the call when out, Roberts Elementary families and other UCS elementary schools mobilized quickly to cove the cafeteria tables with donated materials. She specifically mentioned the assistance she received from her colleagues Linda Yousif. Laura Crouter,  Chris Jarzyna,  Gabriela Nikollaj, Gabrielle Holevar, Nasma Elias and Linda Yousif

“That is why this event is called GENEROUS HEARTS, because of all of the generosity and heartfelt giving of UCS staff,” Karam-Doyle said.