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Roberts students bring the Thunder
Roberts students qualify for state tournament
UCS students lock down cybersecurity competition
Stevenson team among state's top ten in cyber challenge competition
UCS Media Center teachers are ambassadors for innovation
Five UCS Media Center teachers named ambassadors for Makerspace initiative

February is one of the busiest months of the year and the shortest!  It's hard to keep up!  

One of the first things I think about when February rolls around is my first love!  To me, she was one of the prettiest ladies I had ever met.  I remember her golden hair, her gentle hugs, and her warm welcome she gave me every morning.  Her name, Mrs. Joseph, my Kindergarten teacher in 1972.  
Everyday I woke up excited to go see Mrs. Joseph and learn all that she had to teach us.  I remember learning my ABC's with the "Alphabet People" and singing along with them at the end of every lesson.  Oh to go back to just one more day with Mrs. Joseph when the toughest decision I had to make was do I want a Peanut Butter or Chocolate Chip Cookie with my milk at 2:00 pm?
Sadly, I said good bye to Mrs. Joseph this past year.  It was a day filled with many happy memories of a woman who dedicated her adult life to educating 100's of Kindergarten children!  Thank you Mrs. Joseph!
The second thing that I think about during February is when Abraham Lincoln, a Rebulican President, pushed for the Republican controlled House of Representatives to pass the Thirteenth Amendment that abolished Slavery!  Oh, if that would have solved the problem.  
The third thing I reflect on is all the Black Leaders that sacrificed so much for all of us to become closer together as "one people".  I had very dear friends that marched in Washington D.C. with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and were able to cheer him on as he gave his speech at the Lincoln Memorial.  Four years ago, I had the opportunity to stand at the exact spot that Dr. King gave his speech and I looked out at the large reflecting pool and lawn wondering where my friends were standing as they listened to Dr. King's speech.  I am hoping that one day, maybe even from Roberts Elementary, we might raise up the next Dr. King.  They don't have to be black, white, or brown, they simply need to stand and encourage us all to bring back integrity, respect, and kindness to each other.  They need to be able to look at everyone and see the gifts that God has blessed them with and use those strengths to make a difference in our world that benefits us all!  
I hope that during the month of February, you will look back at the happy memories you have of your first love and also take time to reflect on what you can do to help bring peace to the people you encounter.  I like the quote from an unknown blind man that said, "I don't see color in anyone...I just hear the hope in their voices!"  We need to see less and listen more!

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2/13/19 Selected Evening Conferences
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